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(Costumes or, as we
commonly call it, "Garb")


Clothing and Costume Links
A large links page full of links to how to's and instructions, designing your own costumes, costumes from different eras and cultures, pictures of SCA'ers in costumes, and much more.

Extant Clothing of the Middle Ages
This page is entirely compiled from books about clothing and jewelry, with commentary either by the authors, or by people who have sent me scans of their material, as noted.

Medieval Footwear & Clothing

Early Anglo-Saxon, Viking,
Norman and British Culture

Regia Anglorum
This is a re-creational group based in England which focuses on the early period history in that region. They have a number of interesting articles, which you can find here.


Eachna's Celtic Clothing
An online reference for re-creational medievalism, which involves making a sincere effort to reproduce the lifestyle of a race or region of the distant past.


Viking Resources for the Re-enactor
A fellow S.C.A. member. Not as rich in pictures as the Viking Answer Lady, but this site concentrated more on the Norse textiles and styles of dress.


Institute of Draped Clothes
An institute for the research, study, preservation and promotion of draped clothing such as saris, Roman togas, sarongs, and other unstitched costumes found all over the world and History.


BBC - A History of Scotland

Gateway to Scotland

List of Feminine Personal Names

Medieval Scotland

Scottish History


(Discount, Bulk & Hard to Find Cloth Sellers)

Delectable Mountain Cloth
All natural fabrics

Fabric Direct
Discount fabric (Has reasonably priced wool blends)

Fashion Fabrics On-line
Discount fabrics

Grayline Fabrics
Natural fabrics (linen and silks)

Denver Fabrics

A great source for natural linen and cotton fabric.

Sewing Central
Another great source for linen.

Gypsy Caravan
They carry a wide array of fabrics and trim. They have expanded and added jewelry as well.


Sewing Central
Yes, this is the same Sewing Central which is listed above for linen - they also carry a line of nice patterns!

Folkwear Patterns
Some basic middle eastern patterns, as well as a few European

*Note: Just because a company claims to carry "authentic" historical patterns, this is not always the case. But these patterns are either historically accurate, or close enough to alter after a study of texts on historical clothing. Even some of the major pattern companies, such as Butterick and Simplicity carry patterns which are adaptations (sometimes close adaptations) of historical patterns. Some gentles in the SCA like to wear clothing which is as accurate as possible (indeed, some actually hand-stitch their clothes together!) - others simply wish to wear clothing which appears to be historically accurate and is enough so that it will not disturb the ambiance at our events. The choice is yours.

Garb Merchants

Anastacia's Garb & Pavilions
This site is for SCA and pre-1600 re-enactment enthusiasts looking for well constructed, reasonably priced, researched Garb, Pavilions and Accessories that make our hobbies the wonderful fun that they are.

Sofi's Stitches
Renaissance style clothing.

Pallace Gallery
The sister company to Gipsy Peddler for those who do not feel the need to fight in their finery.

The Tudor Shoppe
Carrying a great selection of clothing for the Tudor gentleman or woman.

Reconstructing History
These people carry some items which are post-period, but they carry many things which are in period for the SCA - including lace, notions, and period sewing supplies.

Renaissance Model
Medieval Costumes and Accessories.

House of Andar
For those who be pyrates - or any who need sharp lookin' boots!

Middle Eastern Garb
A page of links to a number of merchants who carry garb with the middle eastern flair

Renaissance Leather
For nicely decorated leather accessories

For Heavy Combat Fighters

Bokalo's Armoury
A wide assortment of armor

By the Sword
This company carries affordable leather gorgets and many other items

Egg Armor
Lightweight, high tech armor

Knotwolf Armory
Incredible custom-made helmets

McDavid USA
High tech stuff to wear under one's armor

Noble Plastics
Makes plastic lamellar plates

PitBull Armory
Just in case your dog needs armor, too!

The Renaissance Store
Assorted items for heavy combat fighters

Tandy Leather Factory
Supplier of leather and tools for those who 'make their own'

Valentine Armouries
These folks make reenactment full plate armor as well as armor for the movies

White Mountain Armoury
Platemail, helmets, steel lamella plates

Windrose Armory
Platemail, helmets, etc.

For Rapier Fighters

American Fencers Supply
This company caters to modern fencing enthusiasts, but they still carry excellent 3-weapon masks

By the Sword
This company carries affordable leather gorgets

Darkwood Armory
One of the premier manufacturers of rapier swords; they also carry some well made gauntlets

Gipsy Peddler
Rapier armor to drool over....

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.
This is a Civil War Reenactment merchant, but they carry wonderful over-the-knee wool socks, which were worn during SCA time periods as well

The Renaissance Store
Among other things, this store carries affordable hoods for wearing beneath your rapier mask

Zen Warrior Armory
Despite the name, these folks carry rapier equipment and were once widely known as "Triplette Competition Arms"

Please contact the webminister if any of the foregoing links appear to be broken. We will try to keep the links updated and current. There are also many, many other merchants who carry good quality clothing and accessories. If you locate one who is not on our list or linked through the pages above, please email the webmistress so we may add them!

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